We are a dog training facility where you can join your pet and assist him to take his first steps into this enormous world. We not only train your dog, but we teach you as well how to train him properly. We have developed a few unique and interesting techniques to engage your pet and to help him maintain focus while he/she learns the ways of the world.


It is a common notion that a dog is man’s best friend, and we happily accept it. Dogs can genuinely be great companions as they like to adjust themselves and adapt to their surroundings. But we must think- are we our pet’s best friend? Are we doing everything we can to make him feel comfortable? The easiest way to do this is by training your dog.
The best way to bond and befriend your dog is to spend time with him. Engage in various activities like fetch, walk in the park and chasing each other around the house. But, to make him your true friend, you need to be able to communicate with each other, either through sign language or by using commands. This falls under dog training. Most people join a dog training facility or institute once their puppy turns about 14-15 weeks old. This is the right time to nurture him and inculcate basic values of bonding with humans and other animals. Here are some thoughts on why training your dog is extremely helpful to the both of you.
To strengthen the bond between both of you

Training sessions are the best way to cultivate a positive relationship with your pet. While training, you try and talk to your canine pal. This effort at establishing communication is very important. In any relationship, communication is the key, and with a dog, it can be the foundation of your entire friendship. During the early weeks of the training, extra effort from your side will motivate your dog to partake in the activities with more enthusiasm. Instead of opting for the “who is the alpha?” The approach, go with positive training. There is no need for you to establish dominance and authority over that little ball of fur. Even if he makes mistakes or misbehaves in the course of the training, never use force or threats to discipline your dog. Resolve all issues in a humane and calm manner. Dogs that are taught using positive reinforcement techniques turn out to be more tolerant, self-controlled and well-behaved. Their responses are much more predictable in different situations.

To make the dog socially adaptable

Dogs need a social life too! They are very similar to humans. Taking your dog to puppy preschool or obedience classes and introducing him to all kinds of canine friends and people can be very beneficial. It is important for your buddy to learn the do’s and don’ts while interacting with other dogs. This will definitely make future outings to the park peaceful and enjoyable. Your social life will get a boost as well. Expose your dog to different situations; he should be able to observe and converse with fellow canines from a distance. This is equally important as is learning to accept physical touch from other dogs and humans. It is vital to encourage socialization in your dog by giving him good experiences in the presence of people, animals and environments alike.

For safety and avoiding problematic behaviour

A well-trained dog indicates a safer home environment for you, your friends and your family. A dog should know not to jump up on whoever walks through the front door, despite all the excitement. This will save you and your visitors from being scratched or knocked over. A well-trained dog is not just safer for those around him; it ultimately ensures his safety too. A dog who can follow basic commands like sit, stay, stand, down, leave it, and come can be a lifesaver in emergency situations. Invest more time in teaching your dog to successfully brave the human world, and you will surely avoid problematic behavior that comes from lack of understanding humans. Teach your dog the basic mannerisms and provide him with proper mental nourishment and physical exercise. These activities will prevent him from developing anxiety and stress which can lead to destructive chewing, inappropriate barking, and aggressive display.


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Know and control what your dog eats

Dogs will eat anything, from trash on the sidewalk, to scraps from your table without any hesitation. They’re not picky when it comes to food. So, do you let them continue down this road? Obviously, NO! It might seem impossible — to try and find a quality food that is genuinely good for your dog’s appetite and is within your budget. More importantly, he should eat it without spitting out even once. Given below are some things you should consider before buying the best affordable dog food for your dog:
Consider your dog’s life factors and reproductive status

Your dog’s aesthetics, immunity, and even mental health must be considered before you purchase food products for him. Lactating mothers are young puppies have a higher caloric intake while older dogs consume much fewer calories. Spayed and neutered dogs should consume 25-30 percent fewer calories than intact dogs. Also, highly active breeds who run around all day require more calories than those who just sit around all day. Beware, some brands formulate their food products based on different breeds, but most only distinguish formulae between small breed versus large breed.

Your pet is carnivorous; you aren't

Dogs are carnivores and will always prefer proper animal-based protein sources over the less interesting and rather tasteless vegetable sources. The healthy coats, immunity and muscles depend on certain amino acids which can only be provided by the animal-based protein source. Avoid feeding him your food. Even though it may seem harmless, human food is not appropriate for your pet. Foods like onions, chocolates, grapes, raisins, garlic and even sugar can be toxic and cause him harm. Consult a veterinary nutritionist before starting your pet on a diet of your choosing.

When in doubt, call the doctor!

Don’t be ashamed or embarrassed to approach your veterinarian when you are confused. There is no one else better to guide you down the right path. Keep your appointments with the vet. avoid postponing or canceling. The doctor is your best source of proper filtered knowledge, utilize that. Consult him about food and dietary supplements for your pet. Pets with certain diseases, conditions or some breeds altogether may require dietary supplements to support their health.

Maintain a proper feeding schedule and quantity

It will benefit both you and your dog. Leaving a bowl for him is unconventional and truthfully, quite lazy. Erratic timings of feeding can affect the digestive system of your pet. Just like us, our pets have no self-control and are born as foodies. Many pets in the world are overweight and obese due to the negligence of their owners. The quantity of food you pour into the bowl must never change unless suggested so by your vet. The dog will overfeed and probably won’t get as much exercise.



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